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Nadia – Coventry Petite Escort

I’m Nadia a Coventry petite escort, I am fairly new to the escort trade as I’ve been studying at Coventry university but doesn’t mean I’m not a little tigress in the bedroom. At just 5’4” tall with a slim 6/8 dress size I can still satisfy any man I choose. I have long dark hair and dark eyes which I want you to look deep into, so that way I can put you under my spell and the passion will begin. If my eyes don’t do it, my 34B busty certainly will.

I may be a Coventry petite escort, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have curves, I do and I love to show them off, I nether get tired when I know every man is looking at them. Most petite girls don’t have the presents that I have; just knowing I’m by your side will make you the envy of every man around. For me, it’s all about having a good time. That’s what I want you to realize, I’m not some girl that’s like a robot I actually enjoy being a Coventry petite escort.  I don’t go through the motions or anything like that, I view each and every client as being unique and that’s the reason why I’m able to have a good time. Too many escorts view their clients as numbers I’m not like that and I’ll never be, I really do enjoy the company of a man.

Since I finished university I’ve had some extra time on my hands so I’ve decided to offer my services as an independent Coventry petite escort. Most escorts don’t look like there pictures I’m an exception I look exactly the same girl in my profile as you’ll see in real life. There’s no funny business going on here, I’m not shy and that’s why you see my entire body and even my face, I’ve got nothing to be ashamed about. I’m an escort that loves to please men. That’s something I’m actually quite proud of.

Just something to remember; if you want to take me out on the town, I’m not the type that will embarrass you in anyway. Need a date for a party, function or and event, well I’m the perfect Coventry petite escort for the job. Conversation is never a problem I can really blend in and deliver a natural personality that will empress. I’ll be the perfect girlfriend and everyone will be amazed that you have a girl like me.

I do outcalls only in Coventry. That means I can come to you, It doesn’t matter where you are. I can come to your apartment or even the hotel you’re staying at.  It’s best to call me at the number listed above, but you can also email me as well. I’m always more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, client satisfaction is always a goal of mine. It doesn’t matter if it’s when we’re setting up an appointment or actually engaging in our blissful activities. Since I’ve been a Coventry petite escort I have helped men though some really hard times, please let me help you. I’ll always make sure you have a great experience from start to finish.


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